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Who I Work With                                                 

Helene is one of those  
rare individuals who
sees through      
  whatever she encounters to  
  the deeper Truth. When she
  listens it's as though she  
  holds every offering like a 
  precious gem and you know  
  that you are in the best kind
  of hands. I have benefited 
  from her wisdom, compassion
  and intelligent humour over
  the many years of knowing
  her. I highly recommend her
  as a counsellor, supervisor &

  Fiona Moore, Energy Healer &
  Spiritual Counsellor

Are any of the following statements
true for you?

"I'm unhappy in my relationship and I can't see a way through." Change feels difficult, impossible, you don't know where to start. You keep finding yourself in the same distressing feelings and situations.

"I don't know how to cope with this crisis in my life." Perhaps a bereavement, a separation, a birth, an illness
or redundancy. Your life has changed and it is difficult to imagine how to live with the change.

"I feel lonely and isolated. Nobody listens to me." It is
difficult to talk to friends, family and colleagues about how
you feel.  You are worried that they won’t understand,
that they don’t have the time, or that they will feel
burdened by your problem.

"I want to feel that my life is worthwhile." It seems that time is slipping by, that you are being held back, that nothing of significance is happening and your life lacks meaning and purpose.

If any of these sound like you, it is possible that counselling could help...

   Recognising your dissatisfaction and distress is a
   significant and important step towards releasing yourself


I Work With People Who Want To:

  • Feel better in their relationships and find relief from painful patterns and behaviours

  • Gain greater understanding about themselves and their relationships
  • Show feelings and emotions without hurting themselves or their loved ones

  • Find a way of ending their relationship with the least possible distress

  • Feel clearer and calmer about the new direction in their life

  "What progress, you ask, have I made?  I have begun to be a
    friend to myself."    Hecato


Who Chooses Counselling With Me?

If any of the following are true for you, you might find counselling helpful:

You feel that you can’t go on with a relationship or situation. You might want to make changes with some things, to develop acceptance with others.

Your day-to-day life is affected by difficult emotions. Perhaps you want to find more helpful ways of expressing feelings of sadness and anger, or want to feel some release from shame, guilt or hopelessness.

You are prepared to make a commitment to see if counselling could help. You may not even be sure if counselling could help but you want to commit to an initial period of working to see if it can.

You have already taken steps to make life feel better. You may have spoken to friends, made some changes. Counselling is rarely the first step you will have taken. The fact that you are looking for a counsellor shows you are already taking steps.

You want to deepen the self-exploration that you have already undertaken. Perhaps you have already experienced counselling or therapy, or are a counsellor-in-training, and want to further your self-understanding.

     "Flowers grow out of dark moments."  Corita Kent

Now you know about who I work with, find out more about what you can expect from working with me by clicking on this link How I Work

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  Many of us choose
  counselling at some time
  in our lives when we
  meet with difficulties 
  and challenges.  We 
  meet suffering and 
  setbacks as:

  adult sons and daughters
  brothers and sisters

  and whether we are:

  living in families
  living alone
  in a relationship
  wanting a relationship
  facing an ending
  wanting change
  fearing change
  experiencing change

  For some of us the 
  challenges that we meet
  might be specific crises 
  or difficulties, for others
  they may be more
  general feelings of stress
  or dissatisfaction.

  Counselling offers an
  opportunity for us to
  understand more about 
  ourselves and our
  relationships - who and
  how we are in the world
  - and can offer
  alternative perspectives
  and ways of exploring
  our experiences.