How I Work

When you commit to counselling therapy with me any of the following are possible:

Greater self-awareness and insight about your thoughts, feelings and actions. This adds to your information about ‘who’ you are in the world and ‘how’ you might have arrived there and gives the opportunity for making more conscious choices for yourself.

Discovery of different perspectives on the relationships or experiences that are causing you difficulty. Exploring your concerns in the counselling space creates an opportunity for all sorts of surprising insights and discoveries.

Increased intimacy and connections with yourself and others. Giving you the opportunity to choose more satisfying and fulfilling relationships with partners, family, friends and colleagues.

More understanding of your anger and other difficult emotions. When your experiences are heard and accepted without judgement, you feel more accepting of yourself and more able to experience strong emotions without ‘acting out’.

Development of self-acceptance and self-appreciation. When you are listened to and accepted, for your strengths and limitations, you become more able to empathise with yourself and to value the contributions that you make to the well-being of others.

Knowledge drawn from a broad spectrum of philosophies enables Helene to offer different perspectives to help others work through issues in a way that is helpful and relevant to them. She is a careful, empathetic listener who helps people connect with what might be hidden, allowing space for what might unfold.    Amanda Reed, Area Manager, Cranstoun Drug Services

Every step towards the self is a homecoming

My Approach

My approach to counselling is humanistic, influenced by Carl Rogers' person-centred approach, models of compassionate communication, energy work and ‘true self’ philosophies.

My guiding beliefs are:
“We fundamentally want satisfying relationships with others.” Often this can be difficult to see. Sometimes our behaviour, or the behaviour of others, can cause pain and suffering. This is a distortion of our true self, which is life-affirming and strives for growth in spite of the setbacks and sufferings of our existence.

Healing happens when we are deeply heard.” We have a shared and fundamental need to be truly acknowledged. This is more than just being listened to. It is about being with another who is committed to being complete with you and your experience.

We have an infinite, and surprising, capacity for creativity and resourcefulness!” At those moments when we have a release from the limitations of how we see ourselves and how others see us, we have an endless potential for finding our way through challenges and difficulties as well as for experiencing life joyfully.
 "Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books that are written in a very foreign tongue."   Rainer Maria Rilke

What Do I Offer?

I offer warmth and a steady companionship in my work with others and I am committed to prizing both our uniqueness and our common humanity.

I offer help with the difficulties, setbacks and sufferings that are part of our human experience; a calm and reflective space and an attentive companion who can help you to look behind the obvious with openness and interest. 'Looking behind' can help us discover our own truth and inner resources, and develop trust in our ability to meet with future challenges.

What Is The Next Step?

You can contact me for a free telephone consultation: an opportunity to find out what is on offer and whether it might help. Taking a step further, we can arrange an initial appointment. This will be a counselling session, and also an opportunity for you to decide whether or not more sessions would be helpful.

Should we decide to continue, I usually suggest an initial 3 to 4 sessions before committing to a longer working relationship, if required. For specific issues, brief and focussed therapy may be an option. For deeper, more complex exploration as well as for continued support and personal development some people choose ongoing sessions.

Now you know more about how I work, click here to find out about location & fees call me on 020 7625 3247 or send a text to 07967 299 072