Couple counselling for relationship issues in West Hampstead, North West London

Are you looking for some peace from the
confusion and struggles in your relationship?


Do you find that:
.  You are arguing all the time. Even the smallest things get out of hand & become major disagreements

.  The same problem keeps coming up, again and again, You feel like you're going round in circles

.  You both want different things and it seems that one of you often ends up not getting what you want

.  You've given up trying to talk to each other. You don't know what to say anymore

.  You want to talk to your partner but you don't know how to address the difficulty or the hurt you feel

You feel confused, at a loss and you don't know where to start . . .
Every relationship naturally has ups and downs and all relationships change with time.  At the beginning, we can experience intense and passionate feelings which often decrease and subside as time goes by.  We can go through periods of peace and harmony with each other and then patches of irritation and turbulence, followed by calm and tranquillity again . . . and so on.  This is a natural course for a relationship.

Sometimes, though, the storms don't subside, or the periods between them are so brief that you don't have time to recover.  You feel cold and distant from each other, unable to find the warmth and love that you once felt.  It might be the case that your feelings changed gradually over time, perhaps you're not even sure how this happened, or that a sudden crisis or event has caused great strain in your relationship.  At times like these, many people choose to see a couple counsellor help them work on their relationship issues.

Relationship counselling can help you find some calm in the storm . . . . . . offering you time & space away from home, family and work where you can start to talk about the difficulties in your relationship. It can be for any couple as well as for family relationships, such as parent & child or siblings.  It can also be for friends or for work colleagues who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship.

Relationship & Couple Counselling with Helene Baker
- couples counsellor in North West London
I work with couples of all kinds - partnerships, married couples, family members - who are struggling with conflict and communication breakdown and who long for a more harmonious way of relating.  By offering a place where each person has a chance to speak, to be accepted and to be respectfully understood, I have found that partners and other family members often start to hear, understand and accept too.  This can lead to new perspectives and opportunities for more peaceful and fulfilling relationships.

Helene works with care, integrity and commitment. She has an open mind and yet at the same time creates a safe environment  for exploration and understanding.
Barbara Brown, Supervisor

My counselling practice is based in West Hampstead and is close to Hampstead, Queens Park, St John's Wood, Swiss Cottage, Belsize Park, Finchley Road, Kensal Rise, Cricklewood, Golders Green, Kilburn, Maida Vale and Camden and within easy reach of all areas of North London and North West London.

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