What are the reasons that couples seek relationship counselling?

Some of the reasons are: 

  • An affair, betrayal or loss of loving feelings
  • Arguments that have become more frequent or more intense
  • One partner who feels they can no longer stay in the relationship unless things change
  • A cycle of blame and hurt feelings, leading to withdrawal of both partners
  • Concerns about a problem with a child or children
  • Long-term sickness, unemployment or financial problems affecting the relationship
  • Sexual dissatisfaction of one or both partners
  • One partner experiences personal change or development, which affects the relationship

Perhaps you and your partner have a shared difficult experience, for example, financial problems or concerns about a child. You both want the same outcome, but are having difficulty finding your way through.  Or you might find yourselves wanting different things - perhaps one of you wants to end the relationship whilst the other wants you both to stay together.  Either way, relationship counselling can help.

Couple counselling can help you to:
.  Talk more deeply and openly - and understand each other more                                                                        
.  Return to a more loving and trusting relationship                                                                                
.  Discover more compassion, generosity and humour with each 
.  Feel closer and more supportive - on the same team                                                                                     
.  Feel more hopeful and less fearful . . . more confident of the relationship

. . . and for couples who decide to separate, counselling can offer support during a difficult and painful process

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