What is couple therapy like?

In therapy sessions with a couple counsellor, you and your partner can find: 
  • An opportunity for each of you to say what the problem is and what you want to change  
  • Space to learn different ways of talking and being together
  • A stronger and closer relationship

As a couple counsellor, I will offer support and understanding to each of you - even in your disagreements.  My intention as a counsellor is to be helpful to the relationship, whether this means rediscovering love and care or helping a couple to separate.  

I will value and understand you and your partner and, in doing so, will create an opportunity for each of you to understand the other.  I will not take sides, give instructions or offer views and opinions, but will support you in communicating more clearly with each other. This means that you will have space to say what's on your mind and, equally importantly, to hear what your partner has to say. Couple counselling offers the opportunity for each of you to be heard and understood by the other.

. . . and what is required from you as a couple?

As a couple hoping to develop understanding, closeness and better communication, you will both need to commit to making that happen.  This usually means attending more than one session - on average couples therapy lasts for between 6 and 12 sessions, though it may also be more or less.

Couples come to see me because of a difficulty in their relationship and the intention of the therapy is to help each of you to hear and understand the other.  This can only happen if both of you attend sessions together.
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