Couples counselling for relationship issues in North West London

The Next Step....
Contact me for a telephone consultation, to talk about what you are needing and whether counselling might help, or alternatively, you can send me an email or text. Taking a step further, we can arrange an initial session for more in-depth exploration and an opportunity to decide whether more sessions would be helpful.

Generally speaking, an average number of sessions for couple counselling tends to be between 6 and 12 sessions. However, this is just a guide - some couples have fewer sessions and others continue for longer.

Couple counselling sessions are usually one hour long and my charge is £70 for a daytime appointment and £75 for evening.  Longer sessions can be negotiated if we think that would be beneficial.
Office Hours & Location
My counselling practice is open from Monday to Friday and is based in West Hampstead, London NW6.  

West Hampstead is easily accessible from all areas of Central and Greater London, and Hertfordshire by tube, bus, Thameslink and overground train. 

Parking is restricted in the area. Metered parking bays are available nearby.

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To contact me call 020 7625 3247, send a text to 07967 299 072 or click here to send an email

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