Supervision for Counsellors and Trainee Counsellors

Are you looking for counselling supervision to support and develop your work with clients?

Helene offers a non-judgemental space where I feel I am able to bring my struggles, fears and breakthroughs.  She  embodies the core conditions, and in every session I experience her as very helpful and supportive. I am learning so much from the work we do together. I have already recommended her to several of my colleagues.
Elin Hejll-Guest, Supervisee

Are any of these statements true for you:
I am a trainee counsellor just starting work with clients. How do I apply theoretical learning to my practice? How do I stay in touch with my own counselling model when my placement uses
a different theoretical approach? How do I work with clients to the best of my ability through all stages of the therapeutic relationship?

"I have just completed my counsellor training and I am continuing to work with clients. How do I continue to hold boundaries and contain the therapeutic space whilst bringing warmth and openness to my client work? How do I meet the challenges and triggers that arise while staying present with my clients?

I am an experienced counsellor developing and deepening my client work. How do I ensure integrity and creativity in my established practice? How do I describe my evolving practice model? How do I invite alternative perspectives into my work?

You can explore all of these questions, and more, in the supervision space.
Supervision is a physical activity. 
We use ourselves in the service of the client.

Your Qualities?
You are likely to benefit from the counselling supervision I offer if:
  • You are committed to safeguarding the interests of your clients through reflection and enquiry
  • You are open to receiving feedback and alternative perspectives on your way of working
  • You are willing to risk showing yourself as a practitioner in the interests of the therapeutic process
"I see my path, but I don't know where it leads.  Not knowing where I'm   
    going is what inspires me to travel it."    Rosalia de Castro

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