Counselling was crucial in helping me through a difficult time. Helene's rare ability to crystallise what I felt, along with a deep and genuine compassion, created a totally accepting space in which I felt heard & supported in each session. The counselling process developed naturally, never feeling over-directed, and there were moments of profound healing, insight, and even humour. I have come away with greater understanding of my life and a renewed sense of optimism and calm. RC

I found counselling incredibly helpful in many ways. I needed  a calm place in which  I could explore difficult  feelings and Helene created a non-judgmental environment where I could explore any thoughts or feelings  and learn to notice & understand patterns I had developed through my life. Helene was calm and thoughtful gently helped me in the direction of a better self-realisation. RH

This year of support with Helene has been immensely & profoundly helpful, enriching and rewarding. I have learned much about myself and sensed the development of a more mature inner self.  I have found a way to comprehend my feelings, live more truly in the present ... What I felt was given to me was an emotional tool kit’. This has allowed me to experience a deeper inner calm, a more realistic positivity and has opened my eyes to a renewed creative direction. MA

Counselling (with Helene) helped me recognise how intense my life was and helped me create the space I needed to 'breathe' again. It helped me relax and think about new ways of making life that little bit easier for 
myself. CS

I felt I could share even the most difficult of situations in the totally non-judgmental and accepting space Helene creates. I really value her insight which has an accuracy and relevance to it which reveal her deep level of experience.  EN 

Helene offers a non-judgmental space where I feel I am able to bring my struggles, fears & reakthroughs.  EH