What Can You Expect?

Counselling supervision in North West London

When you work with me in counselling supervision, you can expect:
  • Support in developing insight and competence with your client work
  • Space and encouragement to develop your internal monitor
  • Sustenance through all stages of client relationships
  • Space to describe and unfold your evolving theoretical model
  • Opportunities to explore your work with differing client needs
  • Space to safeguard integrity and creativity in your client work

My Approach
I believe that a healthy and supportive relationship between counsellor and supervisor is essential for safe, aware and creative client work. It is important to me, in working as a person-centred counselling supervisor, that the counsellor experiences:

Deep and sincere appreciation of their intention when working with a client. This includes valuing their personal meaning and sense of their own work.

Safety to express fears, doubts and difficult feelings arising from their client practice, to help with exploration of 'blindspots' and potentially harmful dynamics in relationships with clients. A relationship in which the counsellor can feel free to express experiences and their related emotions.

Openness, interest and creativity in the supervisory relationship for exploring thoughts and ideas. A space to wonder and experiment.

Questions, challenges and enquiries about their practice. A trust in the supervisor's committment to safeguard the ethics of the work.

Congruence in the perceptions and reactions of the supervisor. A relationship which can be experienced dynamically and through which the counsellor can develop trust and awareness.

I found Helene to be an extremely facilitative supervisor who allowed me to bring my whole self to sessions. I felt I could share even the most difficult of situations in the non-judgemental and accepting space she creates. I really value her insight which is always offered carefully yet has an accuracy and relevance to it, which reveal her deep level of experience.

Elizabeth Newington, Supervisee

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